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i. Hello!

I'm a leader and software engineer from El Paso, TX. I make music in my spare time & live in the Bay Area.

I'm Kristal. I lead strategy at YearOne and advocate for underrepresented & non-traditional software engineers.

An image of the crowd from an Oakland Raiders gameA photo of the Ableton Push midi controller, an instrument.

ii. What I do


I've led workshops and AMAs for various organizations aimed at increasing representation for Women and BIPOC tech talent.


I currently lead strategy and learning at YearOne and previously volunteered as a community lead for a non-profit for Latinx in tech.


Working primarily on the backend, I'm a software engineer who works to create open-source projects that encourage teamwork and collaboration.


I enjoy traveling with my family to visit new cultures and sites around the world.


Constantly pushing the limits of what I can do, I'm eager to find new challenges to tackle and new industries to break into.


I make beats in my spare time with my partner and enjoy all genres of music when I'm relaxing or having fun.

I'm always interested in new things.

ii. Where I've Been

iii. What I Believe


Lead Generously.

Be generous with time, praise, appreciation, and communication.


Hold the Door Open for Others.

The real measure of a leader is not their personal success but how many people they've helped succeed. Hold the door open for everyone following behind you.


Humility, Always.

The primary goal of my work and volunteering is to serve others with humility and empathy.

iv. Latest Project

BIPOC Tech Talent

While there is more work to be done to increase the number of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, Disabled and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields, there are many organizations that are putting in the hard work of sourcing and developing BIPOC talent.

This website was created to aggregate all of these wonderful groups and highlight their efforts.

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g. Blog

A New Path

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